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  • 03-31-2019
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A breach of contract can be a very common occurrence that many business owners don’t think they have the power to change.  This is not true.  Whether it is an employee breach of contract or a subcontractor who didn’t perform what he/she was supposed to perform, breach of contract is a very serious legal issue that you need be aware of.

A great lesson learned on breach of contract is from Nike.  Three designers from Nike left the company and began working for Adidas.  Sometimes when people leave a business, the business owner simply picks up and moves on.  The case from Nike shows how business owners have rights when employees breach contract.

Click here for more on the case from The Oregonian.

Perhaps your business is in a similar situation.  Do you have employees that haven’t fulfilled their employment contract or have gotten together to leave you for a competitor?  If so, you may have a case that would allow you to be fully protected.  We would be happy to discuss your potential case in a FREE 15 minute consultation.  Please fill out the form on this page and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.