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City of Bloomington reduces excess insurance coverage requirement for entertainment venues by $4 million dollars!

  • By: James Rumps
  • 12-21-2023
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The City of Bloomington has enacted substantial modifications to its City Code, significantly impacting the licensing processes for businesses related to alcoholic beverages and amusements. The changes, approved on December 11, 2023, aim to modernize and streamline licensing procedures, impacting a wide range of establishments in the city.

We have summarized these changes to show how they can potentially impact your business.  If you would like more information on how we can help you navigate these changes to be as advantageous as possible to your business, please click here.

City Code changes in Chapter 6 of the City Code: Alcoholic Beverages Code Revisions

Expansion of 'Venue' Definition
The ordinance expands the definition of 'Venue' to include salons and boutiques, allowing these businesses to apply for liquor licenses under certain conditions.

Application Process Change
License renewal applications are now directed to the City Clerk instead of the Mayor, streamlining the process and reducing administrative burdens.

License Fee Schedule
The ordinance introduces a fee schedule for both the license and the application process. This change aims to provide a clearer understanding of the costs involved in obtaining and renewing liquor licenses.

Revenue Reporting Requirements
Entertainment and restaurant license holders are now required to provide detailed reports of their gross annual revenue. This includes a breakdown by revenue category on a monthly basis. For establishments applying for their first license renewal, a report of monthly revenues and total gross revenues for the licensed period in the previous year is mandatory. These measures ensure compliance with the revenue percentage requirements of the chapter.

City Code changes in Chapter 7 of the City Code:  Amendments to the Amusements Code

Name Change
The chapter has been renamed “Entertainment Venues & Amusements” to better reflect the scope of the establishments it regulates.

Ownership and Entity Definitions
The revised chapter includes specific provisions on change of ownership and a clearer definition of an 'entity' in this context.

Definition of 'Entertainment Venue'
This newly established category includes a wide range of establishments such as theaters, concert halls, arcades, and more. Notably, places with permanent stages or dance floors larger than 99 square feet now fall under this definition. However, video gaming provision does not qualify an establishment as an entertainment venue.

Licensing Requirements for Entertainment Venues
All entities falling under the new definition of 'Entertainment Venue' must obtain a specific license. This includes compliance with the newly established information requirements for the license.

Renewal and Fee Schedule
The ordinance aligns the renewal period of the Entertainment Venue license with that of the liquor license. It also includes a license fee.  Please contact us if you'd like a detailed fee schedule.

License Conditions
License holders are required to maintain a penal bond of $2,000.00 and carry substantial general and excess liability insurance.  They did drop the excess liability insurance coverage requirement from $5,000,000 to $1,000,000.

Removal of Individual Dance License
The individual dance license has been abolished and incorporated into the Entertainment Venue license.

These changes mark a significant shift in the regulatory landscape for businesses in Bloomington involved in alcoholic beverages and amusements. Businesses must familiarize themselves with these new requirements to ensure compliance and avoid potential penalties. Marvel Law is here to serve your business with purpose.  Please contact us at 309-807-2885 for a FREE 15-minute consultation or email us so that we can help.